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Hello, my name is Chris. I split my time growing up between Austin TX and New Iberia LA.  In the early 1990's I graduated college and got into the Semiconductor Industry.  For the next 10 years I spent my time traveling around the country, the world and eventually landing in Pocatello. It was during this time that the micro brewery revolution began to make an impact on me. Until this period of time, i was a domestic beer drinker. The more cities I went to for work, the more beers I tried.  The more states and countries I worked in, the more beers I liked.  Around 2014 I went to work outside of Denver, Colorado in Fort Collins, where there are well over 100 breweries within a couple hours drive. I tried as many of them as I could on my days off, some of them multiple times.

Almost immediately after starting the job in Fort Collins I began to brew beer. I drank as much as I could and gave the rest away. I had some beers that were great, and some that I would never make again. While in Fort Collins I began to think about stating up a brewery, then the opportunity arose, so I returned home to Pocatello.  

Once the smoke settled from getting my kids off to college I began to think about the brewery idea again.  It took nearly two years of planning and building but finally the brewery started to become a reality.  Next came the hard parts; the global pandemic, what to name the place, beer names, and hardest of all: how to decorate it.  There was nothing we could do about the pandemic so we slowed down with the rest of the world.  The contractors worked as much as they could and things continued to move along slowly, but at a steady pace.  Since I am a collection of all of my experiences, I wanted to tie together Texas and Louisiana into the brewery.  So I named the place after my address in Louisiana, Star Route A Box. The Beer names are also a collection of my experiences named after friends, family and places.

Thank you and I look forward to you trying my beers.  As I did in Colorado, try them multiple times.

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